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Surplus / Used Steel


Hermosa Infrastructure Materials stocks surplus and used steel with a particular focus on

  • Wide Flange

  • H-Pile

  • Steel Pipe

  • Sheet Pile

  • Plate

What is Surplus and Used Steel?

  • Surplus Steel:  Surplus Steel is new steel that was ordered for a particular project but was ended up not being used for a variety of reasons such as design change, project being canceled, over ordering of materials, etc. Surplus steel may or may not have Material Testing Reports (MTRs) which often determines what it can be utilized for.

  • Used Steel:  Used Steel is steel that has been previously been utilized in an application that allowed it to be removed.  Used Steel is still in a state where it can be reused.  Applications include falsework, shoring, trestles, and other temporary support applications.

Our material is commonly utilized for shoring, trestles, falsework, piling, casing, lifting beams, and numerous other applications.


If you don't see what you need on our attached inventory please inquire anyways. We may have it or have it coming in as our inventory changes daily.  

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